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The people behind INHUB FARMS.

We need


Food security matters now more than ever.  We're a team of innovators and disrupters who are passionate about the future of food and our planet. 

Patrick Lemieux

He played a pivotal role in shaping a renowned telecom company (NYSE: POLY) through acquisition and also contributed to automating troubleshooting processes at Nortel, in addition to developing an early version of an MP3 player. With 20 years of experience in mycology, industrial automation, and business leadership, he blends these eclectic skills to establish a fully integrated mushroom company that emphasizes efficiency.

Isabela Lemieux

Growing up foraging for mushrooms and developing an early interest in vertical farming, her journey encompasses international sales, particularly in art and artifacts through a family enterprise, and a background in electrical engineering.  With her fifteen years of experience in developing operations, sales, and brand strategies, from products to fundraising, she brings a deep understanding of what it takes to build an enterprise.

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