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The people behind INHUB FARMS.

We need


Food security matters now more than ever.  We're a team of innovators and disrupters who are passionate about the future of food and our planet. 

Patrick Lemieux

Chief Executive Officer

 Deep roots in the mushroom space spanning over 20 years, he knows the industry, its problems, and how to solve them with tech.  Previously was part of a team that scaled a world-renowned telecom company.

Isabela Lemieux

Chief Operating Officer

Pushes harder and faster to see how far we can help the world, from company culture, to all moving parts, she has over a decade of startup experience and a background in electrical engineering.

Henry Mariano

Chief Technology Officer

Certified in Fanuc robotics, he comes from the California startup and tech scene, he knows how to design and implement automation that can scale into multiple locations.

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