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Mushrooms that are way better.

The really tasty mushrooms everyone is talking about such as Shiitake and Lion’s Mane grow on wood.  We grow our mushrooms right in the city on trees that we sustainably harvest.  We grow mushrooms that are just like the ones that grow in nature, that's why they are better.

We believe that mushrooms

are key to feeding the world in a sustainable way.

We are


We are growing a network of smart farms in every city creating a new healthy local food supply.  We grow mushrooms that are meatier, and that literally taste twice as good, and have twice the freshness.


Grown just like the ones that grow in nature on trees.


Mushrooms that stay fresh longer grown next door. 


Perfectly grown in our smart grow systems.


Where tech meets mushrooms.

We grow

Where you are.

We mimic how mushrooms grow in nature in indoor farms, in every city, using robotics and in the cloud smart control systems.  Where everyday is a perfect mushroom day.  Because mushrooms don't like road trips.

Reimagining how we grow food.

We believe in a future that preserves and regenerates natural resources, actively contributing to the health of people, our forests and our ecosystems.

We keep mushrooms wild.

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